Bloggin’ bloggin’ bloggin’ keep those doggies bloggin’…


…And with that musical introduction I’d like to welcome you to my inaugural Blue Beagle blog post. On our dog blog you will find everything that is the Blue Beagle: Food. Coffee. Culture. Opinions on things that may seem trivial in the everyday world, but are a really big deal in our world.

To kick this off right let’s get fueled up and talk about one of the newest coffee trends: "Bullet Proof" Coffee. First brought to our attention by one of our regulars, Michelle B., this coffee combination consists of brewed coffee, Kerry Gold butter, and coconut oil; blended together until frothy. Together these 3 magical ingredients creates a concoction that is touted to keep you full until lunch. That’s right 4 hours of energy in one 16 oz. cup.


Skeptical? So were we. So we tried it out. Using our light roast Ethiopian coffee, Kerry Gold butter and Trader Joe’s coconut oil, we blended up a cup of "bullet proof" coffee in our Vita-Mix. Here’s what some of the team thought…


Jane: “I’m way ahead of you guys. I’ve been drinking this for months. Usually I add a bit more coconut oil to get maximum coconutty flavor.”

Jason: “I liked it. I think it was a good base recipe to try. I’d be curious to test it out with different coffees and sweeteners. It also coats your lips so you don’t have to use chapstick!”

Sal: “I’ve been playing around with this recipe for a few weeks now. Personally I think we should rename it to be ‘Bro Coffee’…yeah!”

India: “Nope. I will be having none of this. Coffee? Yes. Butter? Yes. Coconut oil? Sure. All together? Not ok.”

Well there you have it, 4 random opinions in a sea of yea, nay and in-betweens.

No matter your drink of choice always remember: food trends come and go, but coffee is forever.

Thanks for reading my first ever Blue Beagle blog post. Be on the lookout for the next posts coming soon… :)

India - No Introduction Needed

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