From the Kitchen: 'Is That Your Original Recipe?'

How many times have I heard the question; “Is that your original recipe?”  The answer to that question is not yes or no, but another question all together; “Is any savory or baked dish an original?"

I think of my mom passing me down her recipe for cheesecake and realize that even if she made it up completely, she still borrowed fundamental cooking facts and techniques that apply to any recipe. For instance, it is a basic fact that when using eggs they help to leaven the recipe. Or, in adding sugar the recipe becomes sweet.

In 17,000 B.C. food consisted of water and ice, insects, fish, frogs, eggs and marrow bones.  Moving forward in time almonds were first used as a food in 10,000 BC. This was soon followed by cherries.

Now we're talking! As a baker, I get excited about almonds and cherries, a great combo for pie, clafoutis or sweet bread. The possibilities are endless!

Some other fun food history facts:

Wine and beer came into ingredient history in 7000 B.C.  Milk, yogurt and sour cream didn't even enter the picture until 5000 BC.  Popcorn, 3600 BC. I can just imagine: a group of people sitting around the fire, when an ear of corn fell into the fire, followed by loud popping and fluffy white snow flake like pieces spurting upwards and falling down;  into the mouth followed by a satisfactory yum, and there you have it, the birth of popcorn.

Fast forward to some of our favorites:
Cocoa 1828. Condensed milk, 1856. Welches Grape Juice 1869. Heinz Ketchup 1876. Coca Cola 1886.  Pizza 1889.  Peanut butter and jelly 1901, and Jolly Ranchers 1949.

Back to the original question; “Are your recipe’s your own?”  Generally I will look up a good scone recipe. Once found, I change it according to my taste. I might add more cinnamon or reduce the amount sugar. I might find that cooking it at 350* in my oven is too hot and adjust the temperature. Once I have done those things, then yes, the scone you are eating is my creation.

A recipe begins the cooking process which leads to the age old practice of making meals to then share around the kitchen table. You now have a foundation to please the taste buds, satisfy the picky eater and provide a memorable eating experience.  

In the end, it is up to you to tweak the recipe making it into something delicious, satisfying and worthy to pass down for the generations to come.  In the end, we tend to make each recipe our own in some way.

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