Beagle Cozy: Meet the Maker

Alma Do is a wife and stay-at-home mom in San Diego, California, and also a coffee enthusiast. After all, she did work as a Barista for 8-years! Soy iced lattes make her happy. The infamous beagle, Snoopy, also makes her happy. Her love for the hysterical and adorable Peanuts character is the reason why she and her husband got a beagle as their first fur baby. She named him Shmoopy.

Alma loves creating things that are cute and unique. She handmade annual Christmas cards for several years; sewed all her son’s Halloween costumes (he dressed up as a barista last year!); and recently started crocheting customized cup cozies for friends and family. She is excited to share her Beagle Cup Cozies exclusively with Blue Beagle Coffee customers, and simply hopes it brings a smile to those that use it or passerby’s that see them use it. She believes that beagles are perfect reminders for us to live in the moment, and to stop and smell everything!

Alma's creations will be sold at the O'Reilly Media Holiday Craft Fair and in-store. Quantities are limited, as she awaits the arrival of her new baby soon!