Artist: Scott Gibson

For the last few months we've had the amazing photographs provided by award-winning photographer, Scott Gibson.

His work highlights the essence of the gorgeous place we call home -- Sonoma County!

One of our favorites is a photograph of vineyard grapes, showing the beauty of cabernet grape clusters!

We've been lucky to have these works of art to display and we invite you to check out Scott Gibson's new product and image releases here: 
Facebook:  GibsonOutdoorPhoto 
Instagram:  GibsonOutdoorPhoto 
Twitter:  @GibOutdoorPhoto



An attempted Jane of All Trades, she's all over the place! A former yogini and SoCal native, Jane's days are extremely varied, from picking up coffee beans from our supplier, working on the website, designing product packaging, and keeping odd hours in the shop and online, all with Baby Jasmine in tow. The one place she's almost consistently found...taking Jasmine to baby story time at the local library.